Hello there, pretty lady!
Welcome to my dream… The Dove’s Nest.  
I’ve always loved shopping, clothes and all things fashion.  I remember shopping as a little girl with my Grandma for frilly dresses with big bows.  My taste has changed from frills and bows to distressed denim with classic pieces that have a trendy atheleisure vibe. The thought of helping women of all shapes and sizes find clothes that make them feel just as great on the outside as they do on the inside, makes my hear smile.  The fact that I get to help women across the entire country, make friends with them and have fun with them daily just blows my mind.  I’m thankful each and every day for this opportunity.
The idea of my own shop started 3 years ago when I joined a direct sales company.  As I gained experience and learned a ton I started to toy with the idea of going independent… choosing 100% of what comes in and out of my shop.  I started making plans mid 2019 to spread my wings.  September 26, 2019 is launch day.  The day before I turn 41.  See… old dogs can still learn new tricks.  As I made plans to open my own shop, choosing the name was the easy part.  However sharing where it came from comes with tears of joy, gratitude and thankfulness…
Why “The Dove’s Nest”?  July 2, 2014 I found myself at the pool with my 2 boys, a friend of theirs and a very pregnant belly filled with twins.  I received a phone call while lounging, which is hard to actually recall.  The gist of the call went something like this, “Kelli, one or both of your twins has Down syndrome.”  Shock.  Disbelief.  Grief.  After a frantic call to my husband we came home after two very painful and emotional amniocentesis’ to find a bird had nested above our front door.  I was numb and didn’t give it another thought until we came home from a weekend with family. I honestly thought it was a pigeon but wanted to confirm so google to the rescue.  It was a dove.  Doves generally have twins.  (Odd coincidence but I’m sure she didn’t look at ginormous as I did.)  As I went down the rabbit hole of doves I came across their meaning and it hit my soul.  
“Center yourself and breathe.  You will know what to do, and what not to do when the time comes and you should go with the flow.  Let go of the turmoil that is surrounding you and take time to find peace within you.  What you see right now is your reality shifting in ways you never thought possible.  What you’re looking for is just around the corner.  Most chaos happens just before dreams come true.”
That message couldn’t have been more true.  Our twins were born healthy.  One with Down syndrome and one without.  Dash is a blessing.  It’s not always easy, I won’t sugarcoat things, but he has completely changed me in the most amazing ways.  I hope to turn The Dove’s Nest into an opportunity for my kids, especially Dash.  Mama bear wants to protect him from some of the cruelty of this world while still teaching him about responsibility and hard work.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for choosing to shop with me.  I know there are a million other boutiques for you to choose from, I’m humbled you’re here.  Know that every post like, comment, share or purchase impacts my family and allows me to continue to chase my dreams of being the best entrepreneur, friend, mom and wife I can be.  
XOXO, Kelli
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